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Gum Contouring By Cosmetic Dentist In London

When you smile, are your gums more noticeable than your teeth? Are you unhappy with your smile because of uneven gum contours or exposed teeth root surfaces? There are times that even if the teeth are healthy, symmetrical, and shiny, the smile can still be diminished by an uneven gum line.

At London Bridge Dental Practice, we can help you achieve a winning smile by transforming your gums. We offer laser gum contouring procedure that can perfectly reshape gum tissue in a quick and virtually painless way. Get in touch with our dental practice today so you can have that glorious smile that you deserve!

What is Gum Contouring?

Also known as gingival sculpting, gum contouring is performed for either cosmetic purposes or health reasons. Upon application of a local anesthetic to the gums, this minimally invasive procedure involves a soft tissue laser that will re-sculpt or remove uneven or excess gingival tissue. No stitches or bleeding are involved and there is only little discomfort.

Who are Candidates for Gum Contouring?

Patients that will benefit most from our gum contouring procedure are those with:

Excessive gingival display. Also called a "gummy smile", this is a condition in which too much gum is showing upon smiling.

Exposed root surfaces. Exposed root surfaces or gum recession is a condition wherein the root of a tooth is exposed, making your teeth look too long. This also causes tooth loss or decay.

Loss of papillae. Often presented as having "black triangles" in between teeth, loss of interdental papillae or reduced papilla height is often caused by plaque-associated lesions, traumatic oral hygiene practices, and abnormal tooth shape.

Asymmetrical gingival contours. An unbalanced smile can result from asymmetrical gingival heights. The illusion of small or crooked teeth is produced when the surrounding tissue has developed over a large portion of the teeth or grown down near the roots.

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