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Dental Implants in Southwark, London

Why Dental Implants In London

Nothing can be more glaring about a person's teeth than the absence of it. The gaps formed by missing teeth are not just something to be ashamed of, for they can also pose as a detriment to the individual. Although there are different methods to fill in the missing spaces with artificial teeth, one treatment stands as the most reliable and natural-looking one of them all: dental implants. Let London Bridge Dental Practice graft secure dental implants for you in its London office.

The Risks of Missing Teeth

Some individuals might scoff at the idea of missing teeth causing them problems (other than preventing them from properly chewing their food), however, the lack of teeth can lead to several very real complications and even possible dental risks. For instance, missing teeth can have an effect on the shape of your face, especially if you have lost too many in one side. Without a significant number of teeth in your jaws' front, the skin around your mouth will lack its defined shape and would sag inwards.

Just because a tooth is missing from a spot in your jaw, it does not mean that area is finally free of dental problems. If a tooth falls off from your jaw and it leaves behind a root, it could lead to bone resorption or bone loss. This occurs when a tooth root lacks a tooth to support, and begins to deteriorate. Advanced forms of bone resorption can weaken the entire jawbone, increasing the risks for losing even more teeth.

In addition to the above risks, missing teeth can contribute to intensified tooth decay and periodontal diseases. The pocket formed after a tooth vacates the jaw can accumulate destructive plaque, which can cause dental caries and rotting. Plaque can also aggravate further tooth loss by instigating gum diseases.

Choosing Dental Implants In London

Although dental implants are not the only appliance you could use to replace your missing teeth and prevent any complications, they are one of the most reliable dental treatments that can fill in the blanks. Dental implants are grafted directly into the jaw of a patient, which allows for a permanent and secure fit. This direct attachment gives the implants a very natural appearance as well, as if a new tooth was secured to a root.

Dental Implants have other advantages over other artificial solutions to missing teeth. A dental implant, unlike bridges, does not harm any adjacent teeth, which makes it perfect for those who still want to keep much of their original teeth intact. Additionally, implants can be brushed and cleaned much like real teeth without the need to remove them first.

If you need dental implants, you can trust London Bridge Dental Practice with the procedure for Dental Impants London. We carry out all our dental treatments in a safe and professional manner, and we work our hardest to ensure that you are satisfied with the results. Call us at 0207 407 1920 for more information about our Dental Implants In London Treatments and to schedule an appointment.

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