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STB Lingual 6 by Cosmetic Dentist in London

The good thing about an orthodontic treatment is that it fixes malocclusions and improves patients' smiles. Its shortcoming, however, is that it often relies on highly-visible appliances to push teeth into place. Some patients find it difficult to commit to wearing braces due to the awkward and bulky look of the appliances. With STb Lingual 6, patients do not have to suffer the embarrassing look of braces while receiving proper orthodontic treatment. Are you interested in a teeth alignment treatment that is truly hidden? Visit London Bridge Dental Practice today, and we will set you up with the STb Lingual 6.

About the STb Lingual 6

The STb Lingual 6 (also called the STb Social 6) is a lingual brace system that is attached to the back of the patient's teeth. Unlike other orthodontic aligners that are situated at the front, the STb Lingual 6's innovative design allows it to lie hidden from plain view without sacrificing proper orthodontic care. The appliance was developed by Ormco™, an international manufacturer of high quality orthodontic products.

Benefits of the STb Lingual 6

The STb Lingual 6 is an effective orthodontic appliance that promises optimal results within its treatment time of 6 to 16 weeks. With its passive self-ligation system and use of quality wiring, friction is reduced. This means less adjusting for the orthodontist to do, and a faster treatment time for the patient. Thanks to the small profile of its brackets, the braces do not hamper one's lingual ability. It is also generally more affordable than some aligners.

STb Lingual 6 was also designed to be easily installed and removed, saving patients from having to wait too long for each procedure. This feature also allows greater precision control for the orthodontist handling the treatment. While the system can accommodate two wires for teeth adjustment, most cases will usually only call for just one. With STb Lingual 6, orthodontists can assuredly predict treatment length.

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