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Invisalign Braces In London by Cosmetic Dentist

Dr Michael Akere UK's Leading Diamond Invisalign Dentist - Now Open For Appointments

If you have considered the possibility of getting braces for your teeth in order to improve your smile, you might want to consider a much more innovative way to accomplish this. A much more modern approach is using what is called Invisalign, something that has become extremely popular in recent years. One of the leaders in the United Kingdom for this particular form of dentistry is Dr Michael Akere. Here is an overview of what you can expect with Invisalign aligners, and why you should consider working with this London based dentist.

How Most People Straighten Their Teeth

When people go to an orthodontist to straighten their teeth, they typically gets braces. These are physically attached to metal brackets that are affixed to the front of the teeth, and stainless steel wires are then attached. Adjustments are made over a period of 1 to 2 years, sometimes more, until a person's teeth are properly aligned. However, instead of having these unsightly traditional braces in your mouth, you might want to consider a virtually invisible option to achieve the same goal through what is called Invisalign

An Overview Of Invisalign Treatment In London

Instead of using metal brackets and wires, the Invisalign procedure utilises custom-made aligners that are transparent. They are made of invisible plastic that is worn over your teeth, gradually shifting your teeth into place over time. Unlike traditional braces which require the sometimes painful adjustments to the wires on the braces, this is not done at all. You simply pop in the new aligner every two weeks until the process is complete.

Why Dr Michael Akere Is The UK's Leading Diamond Invisalign Dentist

If you are in London, you are in luck because you have access to the leading diamond Invisalign dentist in the city. Dr Michael Akere is responsible for straightening the teeth of over 1000 patients over the years, a procedure that has been refined to perfection. By contacting London Bridge Dental Practice, they can set you up with an appointment to explain the procedure, and the cost of having this done. After that, custom made aligners will be created just for you so that the process of straightening your teeth can begin.

Now that you know the difference between traditional braces and using Invisalign, you might want to consider this virtually invisible way of straightening your teeth. You can contact Dr Michael Akere at London Bridge Dental Practice to find out when you can come in for a consultation appointment, and then get started on the path to finally having that bright perfect smile that you have always wanted. Whether you are a teenager that would like to straighten your teeth now that your permanent teeth have come in, or if you are an older individual that is afraid to smile, you should trust Michael Akere and the professionals at his London office to help you realise your dream of finally having the ability to smile without being self-conscious because you will have perfectly straight teeth.

To see case studies of Invisalign treatments from our practice click here.

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Invisalign Braces London.

iTero Intraoral Scanning

iTero Intraoral Scanning London

London Bridge Dental Practice is able to provide modern technologies for all types of dental conditions. Cosmetic Invisalign in London treatments should not be completed using inefficient tools which do not help.

This is where the iTero intraoral scanning solution can start to assist in building a wonderful smile which brings a sense of confidence in the patient.

Why not use this fascinating modern-day technology? It has been used over 1.2 million times and has helped numerous custom cases off the ground.

The viability of these scans cannot be overlooked for any patient wanting perfection with their teeth after the process is done.


The name says what it does (i.e. scanning). It is able to scan the teeth and create a 3D model of one's teeth for the dentist to highlight how it would look after the Invisalign treatment has been concluded.

Generic appearances using another patient's teeth are inefficient and don't help paint a good picture of how one's teeth would look.

The iTero intraoral scanning tool gives patients an exact look at how their teeth would look.


Why use this scanning tool and how does it help the patient beyond seeing a 3D model of your teeth? It helps by providing a speedier resolution to the initial appointments where x-rays are taken.

Dentists using this scanning tool have stated their times were cut down by 33% and that is substantial. Imagine being able to get the Invisalign treatment completed in a few months.

It is powerful and it can be used by the dentist to get your treatment started properly.

iTero Intraoral Scanning London

No Additional Remakes Needed

Remakes are often seen in the world of dentistry where the initial set is slightly off which leads to discomfort. The patient wishes for it to be remade and that takes time.

With the iTero intraoral scanning tool, the chances of having remakes done become slim because of how accurate the 3D model is for the dentist.

No Discomfort

Patients also speak about discomfort when having regular scans done, but with the iTero intraoral scanning tool, it does not cause aches.

Call London Bridge Dental Practice on 020 7407 1920 and find out how you can get efficient treatment with the help of the iTero intraoral scanning option. Patients can now see how their Invisalign treatment would come out to look like before the process even commences.

It is the best way to get a great smile.

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